CO2 Emissions

Cambodia's growth has been accompanied by negative effects such as environmental pollution. Should such pollution be a factor in policies for Cambodia's development?



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CO2 Emissions

In terms of CO2 emissions, Cambodia has recently surpassed the low income cohort and the trend suggests convergence to lower middle cohort, likely as a consequence of the economic development.

Compared to ASEAN countries, the emissions have been increasing at a slower rate, likely owing to a difference in economic sectors. At present, Cambodia's CO2 emissions are primarily derived from forestry and agriculture, signifying that, as Cambodia's economic sectors current shift to manufacturing (and, eventually, services) in the future, there may be changes in the composition of emissions in the country.

The exponential increase in CO2 emissions is further supported by looking at CO2 emissions per capita, which allows us to make more meaningful comparisons between countries of vastly different sizes across the region.

What are CO2 emissions?

CO2 emissions, often measured in kilotons of carbon dioxide, is a measure of the total pollution as a byproduct of industrial activity as factories rely on burning fossil fuels for both electricity and the production of goods.