Cambodia's government has been very successful in increasing basic access to electricity, but the electrification infrastructure has a long way to go

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Electrification in Cambodia

Similar to GDP, electrification has diverged from the low income cohort and is approaching lower middle income and ASEAN averages, which has allowed Cambodia to develop at similar rates to developing countries.

Compared to other ASEAN countries, Cambodia still lags behind in terms of electrification. This is probably due to problems in accessing the infrastructure of rural areas.

However, the electrification metric by itself is not perfect as it does not reflect the quality of electrical infrastructure or sustainability of electricity supply. This remains a urgent issue, as demonstrated by deadly accidents, even as the commonly used indicators seem to indicate otherwise.

What is Electrification?

Access to electricity is the percentage of population with access to electricity. The World Bank's metrics define a sustained access to electricity in the household for 4h or more per day is required for consideration as "electrified."