Government Expenditure on Education

Government investment in education has the potential for boosting long-term GDP growth through providing the economy with skilled workers and increasing productivity



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Education Expenditure in Cambodia

When compared to ASEAN, low income, and lower middle income cohorts, Cambodia has had a positive upwards trend, surpassing all three cohorts.

When compared to other ASEAN countries, with the exception of Malaysia, countries have not shown a increasing trend overall in recent years.

However, while backed by the data going as recent as 2021, there is evidence that this trend might be at a risk of reversal more recently.

Such analysis suggests that Cambodia should increase education expenditure further, to ensure sustainable long-term growth of the economy, which will help boost transitions into more lucrative economic sectors.

What is Education Expenditure?

Education expenditure is represented as a percentage of government expenditure that is spent on educational sectors, such as the maintenance of public schools.